Wealth Creation

We provide a dedicated service to our customers wanting to commence or grow their property portfolio

At Dreamstreet, helping you realise your dream to create wealth for your family and future is important to us. To help you achieve this, we created a specialist division we call Platinum Clients. It focuses on helping you to pay off your home loan in 6-10 years – and who wouldn’t like that! It also aims to help you build an investment portfolio to create real wealth. We provide our clients with a well-defined path to wealth creation with two core objectives:

We provide you with targeted strategies to create an investment property portfolio. In the first instance, the goal is to eliminate your mortgage and other debts. This is achieved through a tailored selection of mortgage products, taking advantage of tax allowances and incentives, as well as benefiting from future capital gains.

Our dedicated service aims to help you start and grow a portfolio of investment properties. This service involves helping you to find the right property, arranging the finance, and providing due diligence reports that analyse capital growth, demographics and the rental market. This service extends to the ongoing review and management of your property portfolio. To learn how we can help you unlock the secrets to create wealth for your future, please fill in the form below.